DC Ceiling fan

A ceiling fan with a DC motor has quickly become one of the most popular ceiling fans. Hardly anyone would want to do without the unique advantages of the new DC ceiling fan technology. Energy-saving fans - are direct current fans that use almost no electricity at all: at the lowest level, the ceiling fan turns slowly at only 3 watts and at the highest, depending on the ceiling fan model, between 15 and 39 watts.

And they are the only ceiling fans that run completely silently, 1.5 db ... Of course, at higher speeds there is a normal wind noise.

Another special feature is the remote control, which is automatically supplied to each fan. The functions of this remote control are 5-6 levels, light on / off and forward / reverse. The 1st stage is a slow-motion stage, the fan runs at 25 - 55 rpm depending on the diameter.

It is also perfect that summer and winter operation - i.e. the flow and return of the ceiling fan - can now be set directly using the associated remote control.

Connection 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz: DC fans should not be supplied with continuous current, as the receiver can then be easily damaged. DC fans should also not be connected to 5-core cables.

If several DC ceiling fans are to be installed in a room or in a house, it is advisable to select the frequency of each individual ceiling fan differently so that not all ceiling fans are controlled together. If this is desired, it is of course also possible.